Origin of Preserved Rose

🌹There is a touching and beautiful story about the origin of the eternal flower.


🌹A loving couple is about to say goodbye. Boys need to be involved in a war to defend their hometown and loved ones. This farewell may be a farewell forever. The boy left the girl the freshly picked rose and the letter sealed with red wax, telling the girl: When the last petal of this bouquet of roses fell off, it was the time for her to forget him and start her own brand new life.


🌹The girl put the bouquet of roses in a vase, folded her hands together and prayed to God, every day...


🌹The bloody news kept coming, those roses gradually lost their dew, their freshness, and even their fragrance faded, but there was never a word from the boy. Miraculously, none of the petals of the flowers in the vase ever fell off. Finally one morning, the boy, dressed in a triumphant battle robe and with accumulated scars, returned to the girl's house. From then on, they walked hand in hand and never parted again. And that bouquet of dry but still standing roses.


🌹Thus, the story of the lovers being favored by the god of luck has been passed down. In Europe, as long as boys and girls fall in love, they will keep a bouquet of roses, or put the petals in the Bible, or make eternal flowers that never fade. I pray that I can be as happy and lucky as they are in the story until eternity. This is also the flower language and meaning of eternal flowers.


🌹Preserved flowers that can maintain a beautiful flower posture for more than 3 years represent "eternal love", "eternal happiness" and "eternal beauty". Sending eternal flowers to girls on Valentine's Day is not only an expression of love, but also a promise of "staying together for a lifetime".